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Short Short Film


· Steps of Pia through the path in Paris. ·

Inside from Lightoon on Vimeo.

Path – Short Short Film, un cortometraje de muy corta duración. Muestra a Pía en la cancha de basquetbol de Pigalle, sigue los pasos de un misterioso personaje, cansada de una persecución en Montmartre, los espejos rotos revelan su identidad. Path – Short short filmLength: 1’40»Director: Juan GarrafaStarring: Joanna PtaszynskiLanguage: FlemishLocation: FranceProduction: Lightoon StudiosCountry: MexicoYear:…

Le Banc Ideal

· Warmed by the heart ·

Le Banc Ideal from Lightoon on Vimeo.

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· A healty and delicious meal ·

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· The city that doesn't sleep ·

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