Juan Garrafa

Movie Director | Scriptwriter | Producer | juan.garrafa@lightoon.com

Majored in Graphic Design from Universidad del Valle de México, with a focus on audiovisual production. As well, he studied a Master in Film Production Design at the European University of Madrid and a second Master in Interactive Digital Technologies at the School of Communication, Image and Sound in Spain.

In Mexico, he has specialized in Production, Direction and Post-production at the Cinematographic Training Center, SAE Institute, the Mexican Association of Independent Filmmakers (AMCI) and the National School of Cinematographic Arts.

His filmography includes works in the production and direction of short films and cineminutes, such as NORMANDIE (Short Short Film – Fiction, France 2016), Portraits of the South (Short Short Film – Documentary 2016 | Producer), Martina Sardina (Short Film Fiction 2018), Extraordinary (Cineminute France 2017), Le Banc Ideal (Cineminute, France 2017), Saint Jacques (Cineminute France 2018), Spiegel (Cineminute France 2018), Carta de Origen (Feature film Teaser, Tabasco 2018), Desde la Tierra (Experimental Film in Brittany, Coloradas and Belize 2017), PICNIC (Cineminute, Paraíso 2018), Purple Opera (Cineminute, Chiapas 2019), N.O.R.A. (Short Film Fiction, Chiapas and Tabasco 2021). He participated in the Le Grec call in Paris and was selected among the 50 best projects.

He is currently working on the consolidation of funds for his fiction debut «Carta de Origen» in a Mexico-France co- production, together with his producer Gerardo Tagle from NORUSH FILMS and his second film «BUDIN» a Road Indie Movie in co-productions with the US, Canada and Mexico.

Garrafa, being a musician, has also been a composer of his own projects.

In 2008, in Tabasco, he founded Lightoon Films a company that offers 3d Animation, Graphic and Editorial Design, Production and Postproduction services in the Southeast of Mexico.

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